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January 31, 2015

I hate home repair!!!

So I recently bought a new house and it has been a nightmare so far! Everything looked great when we were taking a look at it but you only notice certain things once you have been living there for a while. The one big thing that we did notice when we were looking was that a couple of the rooms needed texture as well as the bathrooms. The entire interior also needed to be painted. These things don’t bother me so much because I expect that. So before moving all of our stuff in we textured the rooms that needed that and then painted the entire inside. We thought we were done for the most part besides some landscaping that needed to be done on the outside.

It seems like we find a new problem everyday. A few weeks ago I was in the crawlspace moving some stuff when I noticed that the floor was wet. Well, after some investigation it turns out that there was a drain tube from an old water softener that had been cut and water that was coming down from the kitchen sink was spewing all over the floor in the crawlspace! Good thing there was plastic down and that it was well ventilated or else we could’ve had some mold and mud problems. Once that problem was fixed another one was there to take its place.

The kitchen sink has recently been backing up when running the dishwasher and washing pots and pans. After a lot of investigation and $15 spent in a drain auger it seems like there is a large amount of pooled sludge in the pipes that doesn’t allow the drain to properly flow. The next week or so I will be getting a pressurized rubber bladder to hopefully blow out the sludge and clear the way for water like the one below. I will post with any updates.


Something else that we had a problem with was with the garage door and the garage door opener. We should’ve tested this out before buying the house. It was having problems opening up all the way and would sometimes get stuck about halfway up. The garage door seemed to be in pretty good shape minus a few dents from hail and driveway expanding. We called out a garage door repair service and they were able to get the garage door opener working properly by doing a quick tune up and making sure that everything was oiled and working properly.

Here is a great video on how to properly use a drain auger: